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Deciding on a career may seem daunting but it is easier when you give yourself a lot of options and time to consider it. Although the idea of a "job for life" is fast becoming a thing of the past, the field of work which you choose is important because it will determine where you will spend a good deal of your working life and will also define how many opportunities you will have to branch out using your basic skills set. So, choose wisely and select a field that encompasses as many of your talents as possible, to allow you to the greatest freedom and leeway for shifting around a field doing different jobs with a good set of basic skills, along with a good dose of solid confidence in your worth and abilities.

Integrity, Teamwork, A passion for technology. That's what success sounds like at Arun Infotech. Welcome, Were eager to show you all we have to offer. To begin to explore the world of career opportunities open to you.

Join us and you'll work in a dynamic environment with other motivated, talented individuals who inspire greatness in their teammates. And you'll get all the resources you need to realise your loftiest career goals. So take a look around to learn more about our career opportunities and discover just how bright your future can be.


Current openings:-

Job AvailableNo of Posts SalaryMinimum Qualification
Marketing Executive
(Part time/full time)
53,000/-+ Inc.+2 above
IT Service Engineer
(Part time/full time)
53,000/-Graduation + computer Dip.
25,000/-Diploma or above